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Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Rev Moon is the charismatic leader who is trying to restore the health of the world!

Rev Moon says that a healthy body and spirit is one of the 3 great blessings of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon whose very name when translated from its original Korean characters into English means "the word made clear" teaches that the three great blessing giving to man by God is first to mature into a healthy body and spirit by learning the principle of living for the sake of others.

rev moon

Since God did not make robots, but living beings with a mind and free will, a healthy body and spirit is not guaranteed. Rev Moon teaches that God does 95% of all the necessary things to achieve success, health and joy in life, but the remaining 5% is each persons responsibility.

So according to the teachings of Rev Moon, God gave everything that is necessary to mature into a healthy body and spirit, but it is our responsibility to learn the ways of Mother Nature and Heavenly Father in order to realize or obtain that healthy body and spirit.

The true essence of learning to be healthy is through reconnecting to God and understanding the idea of yin and yang or the polarity of duality. The idea that in life there is balance and for everything of creation there is counter balance. Day and night, man and woman, good and evil, negative and positive are all examples of this duality or balance. Rev Moon teaches that there is internal character, ( the spirit), and external form, (the body), and true health can only be achieved when both these forms of human nature are properly nourished. Nourished as defined by the dictionary is:

  • To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth.
  • To foster the development of or to promote the health of...
  • To keep alive or maintain...

With-in the teachings of Rev Moon and the holy text of his faith, the Divine Principle along with the Christian Bible, the great remedy to life in general is reconnecting to your original mind which will lead you on the path to true health of body and spirit.

  • Daily communion with God is the first step in reconnecting to your original mind. The dictionary defines communion as "Spiritual fellowship through the sharing of thoughts and feelings." Rev Moon says that God is not a granter of wishes as so many try to use him for. God may indeed grant a request sometimes, but he is there as our parent and our daily communion and prayer should be a daily sharing of our actions, thoughts and feelings.

    Try to imagine if the only relationship you had with your earthly parents were asking them to give you something. We certainly do ask our parents for many things, but if that is all we do, we don`t have much of a relationship with them. To truly know someone and to have a good relationship with them is to share with them deeply about yourself and to try to understand deeply about them. It is no different when having a relationship with God. While God knows all, he expects us to nurture a relationship with him through daily communion rather than asking him daily to help us make our first million or to conquer our enemies. In fact, Rev Moon teaches that we should conquer ourselves and love our enemies.

    By reconnecting to our original minds and to God we will realize that physical and spiritual health are connected and one cannot be achieved with-out the other. When we come to understand that we have a physical body that needs proper nutrition, exercise, oxygen and proper rest along with a spirit that needs nutrition and intellectual stimulation through the study of spiritual and religious faith, exercise from the loving of ones enemies and the acceptance of life`s challenges and difficulties with-out regret, along with a daily communion with God, it is then that we will reach a state of balance that will lead to a complete remedy for health in all areas of life including financial, relational, mental, emotional and physical.

  • So the key to true health as defined by the dictionary and taught by Rev Moon is to give both the body and the spirit the food and other things needed for life and growth.

For those of you that doubt the spiritual connection to physical health and how it can aid as an effective, natural, home remedy, we will look at the science of this idea. Because of the many cases where doctors in emergency care units as well as those of terminally ill patients have reported over and over again about the difference spiritual belief often makes in the recovery of seriously injured or ill people, some in the science community have began to study this over the last couple of decades. All the research clearly shows that active spiritual belief makes one more physically and mentally healthy as well as aiding one in recovering from serious injury or an otherwise terminal illness.

In response to these studies Harvard University established the (RHHI), The Religion, Health, and Healing Initiative at the Harvard Divinity School`s Center for the study of World Religions. When this program began the researchers were surprised to find that both doctors and other researchers were already beginning to take the study of faith and religious or spiritual belief seriously. In fact, some were already testing the efficacy of religious and spiritual practices in chronic conditions such as pain, arthritis and other conditions.

Some were studying how active religious faith affected recovery time from surgery and if it extended the life of terminally ill patients. In almost all studies conducted under the rigors of scientific practices, it was found that active religious or spiritual faith greatly aided in the recovery of illness and injury and added a positive response to the over all experience of recovery. The four year study of RHHI concluded that the healing practices of faith Do Work!

They further concluded that Religious beliefs and practices produce actual, scientifically observable and measurable effects on healing and recovery. They went on to say that Religious faith has real and positive consequences on health with far reaching implications. It found that the spiritual practices that were most effective were ones that involve reaching out to the spiritual world such as ancestors, angels, saints and of course to God.

Those that could make a true intellectual and emotional connection to the spirit world and spiritual power had the most observable results. The RHHI found that it went beyond the mind, body connection to a Mind, Body, Community Model While this may come as a surprise to the Harvard researchers, it is something that Rev Moon has taught for more than half a century.

The idea that a social network of caring people that all live for the sake of others is the very foundation that Rev Moon teaches about. Rev Moon believes that every thing starts with the family unit and family unity expands to the community under the foundation of living for the sake of others. The world itself is a long way from achieving this ideal; however it is often found with-in religious faith communities. Those that actively participate in these communities are aided with this network of extended family or community.

The second blessing giving to people by God is the establishment of the ideal family. Rev Moon teaches that the realization of heaven on earth is the establishment of True Families that permeate True Love to all levels of social expansion.

rev moon and family
According to Divine Principle, the very foundation of salvation and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth lies with the establishment of true families all living for the sake of others that expands to communities, nations and the world.

This begins first with the individual maturing into a Physically and Spiritual Healthy person who has a direct relationship with God and who understands the foundation of both creation and the Creator is the concept of living for the sake of others. While many cultures today are teaching the idea of individualism and the pursuit of individual interest, many studies suggest that this is often the very cause of disease and emotional discourse.

Rev Moon teaches that while one is growing into maturity that person should abstain from any sexual activity as it is seen as both physically and spiritually damaging to have sex outside of marriage.

While it is not with-in the scope of this website to go into full detail of Divine Principle it is perhaps prudent that I mention that according to Rev Moon the fall of Adam and Eve was of a sexual nature and their having sexual relations before reaching maturity and receiving the blessing of marriage from God.

I am aware how this deviates from the Christian view of Adam and Eve eating of the "fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil",(many have been taught it was an apple but the Bible only said fruit, not apple). For those that are interested in learning a more in depth knowledge of Divine Principle or the teachings of Rev Moon, I suggest that you find one of many church communities he has established throughout the world. If enough of you request it we will add some information to this website.

Once one has reached maturity then they should receive the blessing. In America, Europe and many parts of Asia it is now very popular for young people and movie stars to talk about finding their "Soul Mate. Ironically many go looking for this so called soul mate in bars and other drinking establishments. Perhaps they mean spirit mates rather than soul mates since wine and other alcohol is often called spirits. But the Rev Moon gives a true way to receive your soul mate.

With-in the teachings of Rev Moon one can do a series of conditions such as fasting, sacrifice for others, and prayer to prepare ones self to receive the Blessing.

rev moon giving blessing ceremony
Then by putting your faith in God to give you your True Soul Mate through matching from either the Rev Moon or another church leader, ( or sometimes a parent matches their own child, but only after prayer and listening for God`s guidance), you receive someone from around the world.

The purest form of this matching is when you are willing to accept someone of any color, from any country, without regard to looks, religious background, culture, educational background or financial situation.

Many of you reading this have been taught that you should get someone suitable based on looks, religion, color, education or if you listen to the fairytale`s of Hollywood, you may believe in the idea of chemistry or falling in lust.... I mean love, love... well one of them anyway. But for all the talk of finding a soul mate, I propose the question... how is that possible if you leave out God? Rev Moon teaches to put your faith in God for your soul mate. By accepting someone that may be of a different culture, religion, color and someone that may be very different from your childlike dreams of your prince or princess you open yourself to receive the great Blessing of God by choosing not the person you thought you wanted, but the person you needed most. Who better than God to make that choice?

Instead of relying on a chemical feeling that study after study has shown to last at best, two years; that so called in-love feeling; how about making a deliberate decision to love the one God gives you by making a commitment to God, yourself and your spouse that you will love them forever. In most marriages today people make wedding vows "to death do us part" and many mean until their spouse squeezes the toothpaste from the top instead of the bottom or until they don`t have that tingling feeling in their stomach or until it is no longer convenient. But if you receive the Blessing you make a commitment to love and remain married forever, (yes, even after death). If one goes to the spirit world you both still wait for each other because you are married forever. For you romantics out there, how is that for romantic?

A loving and lasting marriage has been clinically proven to be one of the great home remedies for long life and quality living. A Yale University Study of several hundred participants over a ten year period showed conclusively that a loving marriage greatly improves physical, mental and emotional health.

An emotionally intimate and loving marriage reduces the risk of heart disease, depression, migraine, pre-menstrual syndrome (P.M.S.), arthritis and other preventable and chronic diseases.

The Yale study went on to find that a loving and intimate sexual relationship with-in marriage reduced bloodstream levels of adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones provoke stress and stress related illness and reduce immune function. It found that men and women who had a happy and loving marriage had higher levels of natural killer cells and helper "T" cells then those in unmarried couples; even those in "committed" , long term relationships, but unmarried did not have the noted increase in killer and helper cells as those married.

The study showed clear evidence that there is some element in a commitment to a life long marriage that is lacking in other forms of relationships including those that are long term but outside of marriage. This Yale study simply confirms what Rev Moon has taught over half a century which is that the fundamental basis for the health of an individual, nation or world begins with marriage and the family unit.

One of the three great Blessings is the Blessing of Marriage. Rev Moon teaches that the image of God is not a man but the family with-in three generations. The grandparents represent wisdom, experience and stability; the father represents strength, knowledge and potential and the mother represents spiritual connectedness, intuition, patience and maternal love, and the child represents innocence, purity and the hope of the future. It is this complete three generational family unit that is the physical image of God.

Departments of Health in the U.S.A. and Europe have found that marriage brings with it an increase in economic health to the families, overall physical and emotional health to each individual with-in that family unit and a marked increase in the overall well-being to the children.

It has also been found that those who come from a stable family unit grow up to have less illness, better emotional states of being and are most often more financially stable as well. This then leads to their children having the same benefits and it continues generation after generation until that family unit is broken. Clearly these studies show scientific evidence of what Rev Moon has known intrinsically for over sixty years; that the health of the world in all area`s concerned begins with a stable, loving marriage that extends into a three generational family unit. That then extends further into a community of people living for the sake of others that transforms a world from Satan`s deluge of sinfulness to God`s original purpose of creation... A Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The third blessing of God is to have dominion over the fish of the ocean, the herbs and fruit bearing trees of the land and to maintain responsible stewardship over all the earth while living a life of abundance and joy awaiting a life of even greater abundance and joy in the spirit world. Rev Moon believes our getting back to sea life is of great importance. He is working on a project to make an underwater road from Russia to Alaska to unite the world. He believes in the serenity of sailing on the open sea and deep sea fishing as well as the health giving abundance of cold sea water fish and sea vegetation.

His religious movement owns a company that makes a protein health supplement made from fish that help give needed nutrition to many of the worlds poor. In America he owns True World Foods that supply`s 90% of all the sushi and seafood restaurants in America. When some sushi bar owners were asked if they new Rev Moon owned True World Foods most said they knew. When asked if they didn`t believe in the teachings of Rev Moon why did they buy his seafood? They answered that Rev Moon and his company offers the highest quality seafood for the most reasonable prices and the staff speak several languages making it easier for those owners who don`t speak English very well. They said that the staff at True Worlds Food seemed to genuinely care about giving good service and high quality products at good prices.

This shows Rev Moon`s commitment to offer high quality health foods to the world. Rev Moon also started International Hospitals in Japan and Korea that integrate the highest quality Modern, Western style allopathic medicine along with the highest quality Natural and Spiritual treatment available. Patients are giving their choice of treatments or all types combined for a total treatment. They also have staff that talk English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean to help assist their foreign patients. These are the first International Hospitals to offer all three treatment modalities in one setting. In addition, Rev Moon sells high quality ginseng.

His Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center is available for those looking for a weekend retreat or a 40 day or even a 120 day training session for spiritual renewal, cleansing and healing, addressing individual and family problems and for meditation, reflection and repentance.

rev moon at cheongpyeong
The Training Center is located about 2 hours drive outside of Seoul, Korea. To promote the health of the young, Rev Moon established a professional soccer league, a children`s and adult ballet and martial arts training.

Rev Moon is now over 90 years old. As a young man he was imprisoned by communist North Korea and beat so badly the soldiers thought he was dead and threw his naked body out into the snow away from the soldiers camp where he was left for the buzzards, but was found by a teenage girl whose family nurtured him back to health.

He was later again imprisoned by North Korea for teaching about God and Jesus and was made to bag and load raw fertilizer with his bare hands, was nearly starved with unbelievably small portions of food and water and was even scheduled for execution when the United Nations came in and rescued him and the other survivors.

The terrible treatment ravaged his body and should have killed him, but he went on to father thirteen children, build a world wide religious movement in over 180 countries and 3 million active members which started from a mud and paper box church in Korea, built numerous business`s all over the world and was awarded the "King of Peace" award from prominent American Senators and Congressmen in 2004 in Washington, D.C. for his humanitarian work and his relentless fight against communism. He established the "Women`s Federation for World Peace to promote the Health and Well-being and moral treatment of Women around the world.

rev moon and his ballet

If you are looking for a spiritual faith that will help you achieve a healthy body and spirit the Unification Church now known as the Family Federation for World Peace, started by Rev Moon may be the right choice for you. If you are interested in receiving the Blessing and being matched to someone of a different culture or race and you are willing to meet some conditions to prepare you mentally and spiritually then it may be the right choice for you. If you want more information let us hear from you and we will try to connect you to a spiritual leader whom the Church calls your spiritual parents. It is not necessary to change from your current faith to Unificationism to receive the Blessing. Rev Moon is more interested in your having some basic understanding of the Blessing, to meet some conditions to prepare your mind and soul and you can continue to practice your faith of choice which according to Rev Moon are all designed to lead you to God.

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