Positive Psychology and the Role of Marriage

The research proves, married people are happier, healthier and richer. All aspects of love are experienced, learned and perfected only within the family relationships. In the Culture of Heart, Rev. Moon promotes, every child should be loved by true and loving parents; every home should be filled with peace, love and harmony.

Recent studies show, it's time to stop directing research toward what makes us mentally ill and start studying what makes us happy. This new subfield is called positive psychology.

We have the ability to generate happiness. Yes, happiness can be synthesized. Positive psychology helps us change our views of our world, so we can view differently our state.

We have this power of thought. If we express it with other words, we should learn to create our own happiness, rather than just wait happiness to come. Meaning, learn to find the right attitude to happiness no matter what the external circumstances.

For example, the most persecuted religious leader of out time, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, when put in a Communist Concentration Camp, instead of seeing that as disadvantage he thought of it as prepared by God. He came out victorious where most have died and started, the so called, Revolution of Heart. Today millions of couples have found happiness inspired by his great vision.

When we feel happy?

There is one undeniable fact, "Happiness arises when our desires are fulfilled", clarifies the Unification Principle of Rev. Moon. Yet, we have good and bad desires. Today humanity is still confused of what's good and what's bad.

Recent study found that people who embracing the materialistic and humanistic philosophy presume they are happy, yet statistically there are most suicides among them. They falsely presume that external things make them happy.

On the other hand, people led by their spiritual mind always felt that investing for others is the true way to happiness. Parents who invest all their energy for their children gain the greatest happiness in life.

Study shows that the fastest and healthiest way to happiness is to stop worrying of ourselves and start living for the sake of others. To give a smile, or say a good word costs us nothing, yet the joy it gives to others returns multiplied times greater joy in our own hearts.

The Unification Psychology recognizes that to be happy we need to start giving, to be spiritually and mentally healthy we have to start do something positive.

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