Positive Psychology and the Role of Marriage

Married people are happier and more fulfilled in life. In the Culture of Heart, Rev. Moon promotes, every child should be loved by true and loving parents; that every home should be filled with peace, love and harmony.

Study of what makes us happy proves happiness depends on the way we view thing that happen to us. The key to happiness lies within ourselves. How much we have learned to unleash this immense inner power of thought.

Happy people create their happiness, rather than just expecting it to come. Happy people always find the right attitude that makes them happy no matter what the external circumstances.

Recent study discovered another key ingredient to happiness. Married couples reported significantly higher levels of happiness than those who remained single.

The role of love and marriage in happiness

The research proves, married people are happier, healthier and richer. According to the Unification Principle we cannot reach personal fulfillment in life accept through creating a perfect family. That's because all aspects of love are experienced, learned and perfected only within the family relationships.

As a University of Chicago researcher Dr. Waite says, she has found that marriage brings considerable benefits to both women and men. It lengthens life, substantially boosts physical and emotional health and raises income over that of single or divorced people or those who live together.

In the last two years several large studies that tracked people in and out of relationships over a long period have produced evidence that marriage actually causes psychological well-being in both sexes.

Dr. Waite discerned a steep increase in "bad behaviors" among those who stayed single, but a "precipitous drop" in bad behaviors like the use of alcohol or illegal drugs among those who married.

It is not just that people who remained married reported significantly higher levels of happiness than those who remained single. The data showed that those who separated or divorced over the five-year period became, in Dr. Waite's word, miserable.

Men and especially women who married for the first time during the course of the study experienced a sharp increase in happiness. Remarriage, however, brought only a modest increase in happiness.

Emotional health also hinges on satisfaction with sex, and in this realm marriage serves both men and women, but delivers a special bonus to women. First of all, Dr. Waite said, married people have sex twice as often as single people.

The findings suggest that there is more to marriage than just a social bond. There appears to be something specifically protective about the long-term commitment that marriage entails.

Blessing of Marriage and the Culture of Heart
To move towards establishing of a culture of true and Godly marriages now millions of couples participate in the International Marriage Blessing Ceremonies organized by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of Unification Church.

Millions of Men and women come together and form a family under the Blessing of Leaders of all major religions. They are dedicated to create environment of true love and raise children as the new citizens of the Age of Peace beyond religion, race and nationality.

They believe that every child should be loved by true and loving parents; that every home should be filled with peace, love and harmony. But beyond that, they believe the world should also become "One United Family under God as our Parent."

They believe that for True Love there is no barriers; religious, national, racial or cultural. Love can resolve all human problems and this love should start through Revolution of Heart and Love within the families. They are proud to be part of millions of families from around the world who join in this festival.

According to Sun Myung Moon the wedding ceremony should "alleviate God’s grief caused by the fall of Adam and Eve". When couples of enemy nations, enemy races and enemy religions join in love, history of resentment and pain will be resolved once and forever. The future generations will not carry the barriers from the past in their hearts.

From Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon: Peace Messages

What is a life of true love? True love is the spirit of public service. It brings the peace that is at the root of happiness. Selfish love is a mask of the desire to have one’s partner exist for one’s own sake; true love is free from that corruption. Rather, its essence is to give, to live for the sake of others and for the sake of the whole.

True love gives, forgets that it has given, and continues to give without ceasing. True love gives joyfully. We find it in the joyful and loving heart of a mother who cradles her baby in her arms and nurses it at her breast. True love is sacrificial love, as with a devoted son who gains his greatest satisfaction in helping his parents. God created the universe out of just such love: absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, investing everything without any expectation or condition of receiving something in return.

True love is the wellspring of the universe. Once we possess it, true love makes us the centers and the owners of the universe. True love is God’s essence and the manifestation of His will and power. When we are bound together in true love, we can be together forever, continually increasing in the joy of each other’s company.

The attraction of true love brings all things in the universe to our feet; even God will come to dwell with us. Nothing can compare to the value of true love. It has the power to dissolve the barriers fallen people have created, including national boundaries and the barriers of race and even religion. Read More
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