Speaking to the Heart: Rev. Moon's World Speaking Tours

Speaking to the Heart: Rev. Moon's World Speaking Tours


Rev. Sun Myung Moon, at the age of 92, still holds a great conviction to bring a new age of peace. In the last century Rev. Moon went under enormous persecution and was probably the most misunderstood man in the world. Yet, the Unification Church he founded was the most successful new religion of the 20-th century, according to the Institute of New Religions.

Even more,
Rev. Moon's autobiography became top bestseller in his native country of Korea. This book portrays the suffering and condemnation he underwent throughout his entire life in the single minded and hole-hearted effort to end human suffering.

Despite his age he continues to travel the world proclaiming the need of "Revolution of Heart" and the coming of the new age, where humanity will become "One Family Under God", regardless of our belief, nationality or race.

"On September 12, 2005, at the age of 85, Moon inaugurated the Universal Peace Federation with a 120-city world speaking tour. At each city, Rev. Moon delivered his speech titled "God's Ideal Family - the Model for World Peace". Sponsored by "Family Federation for World Peace and Unification of U.S.A."

And on Easter Sunday
April 24, 2011
at Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea, at the age of 92, Rev. Moon started another world speaking tour.

Here are some statements from world renown leaders concerning Rev. Moon's contribution for Peace.

The President of Indonesia 1999-2001

H.E. Abdurrahman Wahid: "Rev. Moon’s call for peace though religion is something of great nuance and profundity. We are deeply fortunate for the chance now to hear him and observe his life-long struggle for world peace through religion. We can see how he lives peace so fully in his life. He has endured unspeakable persecution. I know this. This puts us all in his debt. If he can continue, we are the beneficiaries. This is why I harbor an inner hope that this visit will bring about that peace he lives and gives through his life and his speeches".

Not only has he toured the world himself, but also his wife Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and his children have likewise done worldwide speaking tours at his behest. These tours are not without great physical difficulties. They are very demanding and dangerous; even life threatening. Rev. Moon went to Moscow, Beijing and Pyongyang. The capitals of the three nations who most wanted him dead. And yet he went, Rev. Moon is called by God and he takes this call very seriously even at the risk of his and his family's lives.

Rev. Moon keeps Jesus' teaching "love your enemy," very close to his heart. In his mind, love is everything. It's the very purpose of God's creation.

"When you are standing in the love of God, every cell in your body jumps for joy. You breathe in and out with the entire Universe. In this state, your life is fulfilled. This is how God means us to live - intoxicated in love and joy. And through our joy, God receives His joy. The joy of man is the joy of God, and the joy of God is the joy of man."
This world is moving in to a new age. An age of true love. The birth of this New Age will require a deep change in our thinking and lifestyle. We are finding the old ways that include selfish and self-centered ways no longer work in the world of the new Christ. Jesus told each of his followers to walk in his footsteps and be like Christ. Rev. Moon not only lives his life in such a manner, but it is his mission to be True Parents, taking personal responsibility to bring every person he can reach into a successful and happy Christ-like lifestyle.

Religious leaders around the world recognize this quality in Rev. Moon:

Archbishop George Stallings
Founder, Imani Temple, Washington DC:
When you understand the fruits, you’ll understand the man. By his fruits you will know him, and I’ve come to know that his identity is clear.

Dr. Babs Phillips
Personal Secretary to the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Upon seeing a one of Reverent Moon's large marriage ceremonies with couples marrying between races, religions and nations: “When I see your faces, I see the dream of Rev. King being actualized.”

Rev. Dr. David A. Hart
World Congress of Faiths, UK, India
In the early 1990s, when the Western world began once again to find reasons to regard Islam as a hostile religion, Sun Myung Moon made staunch efforts to engage with Muslim scholars and religious leaders, in his quest for a universal message for our times."

God Loves America
Sun Myung Moon

America as a civilization embracing all religions and peoples is the hope of this new age. It is the only nation with strength enough to protect this coming time. Unfortunately it has fallen into a nation of instant self gratification and is driven by people who find it easy to live immoral and unethical lives.

God longs to save this nation and the people hunger for that salvation. But there is a blockage. The nation is desperately ill and in need of a physician. Burning down with the fire of self conceit and it needs a fireman. The people are crying out in hunger for happiness and self respect; but as studies show, even the students of Harvard, the smartest and best are suffering overwhelming depression and starving for love. They thirst for happiness, yet seem to find no joy in study. We need a new start. A fresh view. A new goal in life.
"You have to start anew. In order to start anew, discover something new every day. The person who discovers something new will absolutely not become a failure. Even if he meets with difficulties, he will not become depressed. On the contrary, he will enjoy the challenge." Rev. Moon
Is Rev Moon this physician, this fireman? Why have some Americans viewed him with such apprehension? What has he done and why? Is he the one who is to come? Is America rejecting the hope of the future by listening to rumor and suspicion from those who are emerged in a lifestyle that rejects God in the same vein as at the time of great religious leaders of the past? American young people are desperate for love, so much that they are killing themselves to find it. Read what Rev Moon has to say to the world as he travels the world:

"The power of true love can be extended to infinity, and at the same time can be condensed into one infinitesimal speck. This is heavenly love. Therefore, if we look through the eyes of love, everything has value. In a small thing the value is condensed, and in a big thing it is enlarged. God wanted to create such an ideal world of love."

Rev Moon is a family man. He loves his family deeply but he loves God most of all. Ever since he was a young man he has had to sacrifice his family for God's desire to save God's children: the people of the world. In 1946 while buying rice for his family, Reverend Moon was told by God to leave his family without notifying them and go to communist North Korea.on foot to preach just prior to the war; to 1991, the time he re-entered North Korea to speak to Kim Il Sung. Rev Moon has travel this world at the rise of torture and death to give God's word and love. Reflect on these words from Rev. Moon:

"Just as I exist for my family, my family exists for our society. Our society exists for our nation, and our nation exists for the world. All the world exists for God, and God exists for you and me, for all mankind.

In this great circle of give and take, there is harmony, there is unity, and there is an eternal presence of increasing prosperity. Furthermore, since in this circle all existence will fulfill it's purpose of creation, there is abundant and profound joy. This is the Kingdom of Heaven, in which feelings of happiness overflow."

To learn more about Rev. Moon and his worldwide mission go to: www.reverendsunmyungmoon.org

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