Why Did Rev. Moon Support President Richard Nixon? “Forgive, Love and Unite,”

Why Did Rev. Moon Support President Richard Nixon?


In November of 1973, during the critical time period of the Watergate scandal, the Unification Church issued a statement entitled, “Forgive, Love and Unite,” calling upon Americans to unite together around the Christian spirit. This statement in support of President Richard Nixon was aimed at the American conscience, asking, “Is there anyone, among reporters of the Washington Post and leaders of the anti-Nixon movement, who could throw the first stone because they were without sins?” in reference to Jesus’ question at the scene of the woman caught in adultery, described in the Bible.

Excerpts from Rev. Moon's statement as follows: " 'In God We Trust.' In these four words lie America's key to survival and prosperity. America must live the will of God, and God's command at this crossroads in American history, which is to Forgive, Love, and Unite!
"We keep on criticizing and the nation sinks; we criticize some more and the nation falls even further, deep into greater peril. Now is the time for America to renew the faith expressed in her motto 'In God We Trust.' This is the founding spirit that makes America great and unique. America must unite in her Christian tradition of love and forgiveness in the face of the grave crisis created by the Watergate. America must live the will of God, 'Forgive, Love, and Unite!'"

Rev. Moon stated that he led his church in the support of the president for the sake of the security of the US as the leader of the Free World. From his perspective as a strong anti-communist, Nixon stood in a key position to impact the outcome of the Cold War.

In support of Nixon, Unification Church members prayed for 40 days and fasted for three days in front of the United States Capitol, under this motto: "Forgive, Love and Unite." On February 1, 1974 Nixon publicly thanked them for their support and officially received Rev. Moon. During their historic meeting Rev. Moon appealed to the president to admit his fault in the Watergate Scandal, humbly apologize to the American people, and stand strong in his position to protect the authority and credibility of the office of the presidency. He further warned Nixon that if he were to resign, the presidency would be weakened, and this would be taken advantage of by Communist strategists in the Cold War era.

This show of support for Nixon brought Rev. Moon and the Unification Church into widespread public and media attention in the United States. After Nixon’s resignation, widespread attack was launched in earnest against the Unification Church.

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